Edward Gaunt is the father of John and Philippa Gaunt and husband of Layla Gaunt. In addition, he is the brother of Alan and Neil Often he is reffered to as "Mr. Gaunt" throughout the series. He is a very successful investment banker and is described as a brilliant father by John and Philippa. Mr. Gaunt was shy and retiring around others, but is extremely kind and compassionate. He wears Berluti shoes, has long gray hair and wears tinted spectacles. Mr. Gaunt enjoys artwork and antiques and has many around the house. Despite trying to kill him, Mr. Gaunt cares alot about his brothers and was horrified when his family wanted to change their names. At first, he wanted his children to grow up normally (without djinn powers) and was slightly afraid of them, but eventually accepted the use of their powers. In the fourth book, Layla casts a Methuselah Binding on him to prevent the twins from attempting to stop her from being the Blue Djinn (so Philippa wouldn't have to). In the fifth book, he rescues Layla from being sucked into a void.

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