Mr. Harry Groanin


Mr. Harry Groanin


Over 30




John Gaunt, Philippa Gaunt, Uncle Nimrod

Mr. Harry Groanin is Nimrod's one-armed butler. Groanin freed Nimrod from confinement and won three wishes. After wasting his first two wishes he became Nimrod's butler so he could properly consider how to use his third wish, and to make sure Nimrod does not trick him. He uses his third wish to help locate a trapped Nimrod and feels quite liberated afterwards. Groanin's other arm was recreated by John, Philippa, and Dybbuk in book 3. This arm is strong enough to fight an angel in book 4 and win. Groanin also got beaten, and seriously wounded, by a bear. He would have died, if this all turned out to have "never happened". What happened was a wrinkle in time!

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